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What Cares does

A new way to care for YOU.

Mission Statement

It’s overwhelming living with an autoimmune disease. We aim to make it easier for you.

CARE was developed by people who are personally living with autoimmune conditions. We set out to create a place where support, guidance, and tools are easy to find. With CARE, you have a wide variety of information, resources, connections, professionals, and activities – all at your fingertips.

At the core of CARE is a community of people dedicated to living their best lives with autoimmunity.

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The search is over

We know how hard it can be to find the information you need about your autoimmune disease. We’ve been there! And we’ve done the searching for you. We gather our research from the experts of autoimmunity– so you can rest easy knowing you have access to the most recent and prevalent information available.

CARE’s goal is to enable you to use available resources so that you can feel your best. We are constantly adding to our library and arsenal of tools so that you can confidently stay on top of your autoimmune condition.

The Benefits of Joining CARE

Why choose CARE?

Many people with autoimmune disorders don't know what information and resources are available to them. It’s easy to spend hours hopping from one site to another, getting lost within medical jargon, and coming up short of the information you actually need. CARE offers a wide array of resources for you on one comprehensive site – making it easier than ever to find information and activities to help reduce your autoimmune symptoms. From articles and videos to story sharing with community members, there is something here for everyone.

On top of that, CARE is a community where your voice is heard – one that offers compassion, support, and hope for everyone affected by autoimmune disorders. When you’re a part of CARE, you have the opportunity to connect with people who personally understand your struggles. We offer a space where you can learn from, and help others with the same condition. Family members and loved ones are welcome, too – we want everyone affected by autoimmunity to have a place to turn for support.

No two people’s experience with autoimmunity is exactly alike – adding your voice helps us to better understand as a community what others are dealing with. The more we come together, the more we learn, and can help support and validate those with autoimmunity.


  • Joy
    Working out is a major part of my overall health and helps with keeping my Celiac in check. I love the information on exercise that CARE offers. Rolling and stretching and movement are all key parts, along with proper food and nutrition, in keeping my body functioning correctly. It keeps the inflammation down, and keeps me feeling good.
  • Savannah
    When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s during the last year of my college career, I knew I had to make a lifestyle change – specifically when it came to exercise and diet. I began exercising every single day, even if it was just a relaxing 45-minute walk. Exercise has helped me to feel empowered and energized. I’ve learned more about Hashimoto’s and what I can do to manage it on CARE’s site, and its helped me to overcome the hurdles of my autoimmune disease
  • Jess
    My journey with holistic health and therapy began when my body started giving me physical signs that things needed to change. I had joint pain, fatigue, and my anxiety was at an all-time high. I began to seek resources to heal, and I discovered that my body was reacting to certain foods, so I cut those foods out and noticed a positive change in my energy levels and overall health. These changes helped my body heal, but I knew to heal fully, I needed to manage my mind. A crucial component of this journey had been therapy. As I processed my emotions, my body responded positively, and I began to feel better. CARE is packed with information on nutrition and self-care. These tools have dramatically improved my health, and I hope they can help heal your body and mind as well!
  • Melena
    Functional Medicine has changed my life because my provider treats the whole body.  I have learned about proper nutrition and the right supplements that best benefit me, and it has made a huge difference in my energy levels – and supports my immune system. I highly recommend utilizing CARE’s website for the same reasons. It has a ton of information for immune health all in one place.
  • Mel. B.
    I want to be healthier and I know there is information overload on the internet.  I did not want to spend time filtering through all this information because I get overwhelmed.  I have found that having relevant information in one place is extremely helpful. CARE’s website is highly informative and helpful with my personal health issues.  They have research, blogs, community, and self-care all on one site.
    Mel. B.
  • Sarah Petersen
    I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition as a teenager, but the symptoms didn’t really start showing up or having an impact on my life until a few years later. When they did, I was afraid, and really stopped feeling like “myself”. I went online and spent so much time googling solutions to my symptoms, but felt like I was running in circles. When I found CARE, it immediately felt like my tribe found me. My favorite part has either been watching the awesome informational videos or connecting with people who have my condition. They all share ideas and it has helped me find ways to treat my symptoms I never would have known about otherwise. I’m so thankful for my CARE family! 
    Sarah Petersen

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